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Production Center

Our Strength

Incredible Solution for Toolings in the areas of Advance Progressive Toolings, Die Casting Dies, Moulds, Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges, Precision machining of components, Reverse Engineering on CMM & Laser Calibration, 3D Manufacturing Plastic & Metal, 3D Scanning to facilitate product Development activities are the core of our business. IGTR recognized for ultra-modern State-of- the-art technology which ensures Total Tooling Solutions. IGTR, Aurangabad is highly proficient in mould and die making technology and promote precision & quality in the development and manufacturing of sophisticated moulds, dies & tools in line with international standards. The latest hardware & software ensure the professional design of tools and 3D Solid modeling, Surface modeling and analysis for the product development along with reverse engineering.


  • Product & Process Development Simulation
  • Productivity & Quality Improvement
  • Broad Customer Base


  • In House-Design Capabilities using latest technology
  • Die design through systematic approach starts from Simulation to validation
  • Tool related innovations for improved product design
  • Standardized mould and tool design process
  • Detailed mould/progressive dies log documenting insert tolerances


  • Expansion of Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Extensive Experience in advance Progressive Tool, Die Casting Dies, Injection Mould etc.
  • In-House Tooling development Capabilities


  • Separate CFT for major projects plans, execute & monitor each projects
  • Single Window Communication System.
  • Effective Multi-Project scheduling & Resource Management, Critical Issue Identification &Management
  • Daily Monitoring of projects and resources & project updates to customer on weekly basis


  • Estimation
  • Detailed process plans for every tool elements Systematic approach for controlling manufacturing process from material, Heat treatment, Machining & assembly


  • Reliable Material Source ( Local /Overseas)
  • Strict Quality Control ( ISO9001 )
  • High Quality Manufacturing Equipments


  • Infrastructure
  • Photo Gallery